Glass pool fence

Glass pool fence
A pool fence is rather a safety than fashion in case you have little children.The pool fence that you choose can either make or break the look of your pool in your backyard. The pools themselves are not cheap to install, so why compromise on its overall look by installing a cheap fence? In some states of the USA, a pool is only usable for a few months of the year and so it shouldn't be a backyard eyesore for the other months!
A Glass Pool Fence is easier to install and more affordable then you might think. We often get calls from people who would like to use glass for their pool fence but think it's out of their budget. In the past, glass was an expensive option, however, now the price has come down. We can make different size panels including pre-drilled gates and hinge panels. These panels and sizes are all customs made.
With some simple planning, a glass pool fence will not only be a cost-effective solution it will also add the quality finish that only comes by using glass. 

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