Custom Glass Shower Door

When you’re looking to update the look and feel of your bathroom there is nothing that is more effective than adding a custom glass shower door.
These trendy custom shower enclosures not only look great, but they are extremely functional as well.

 Rather than a drafty curtain, you will love the sturdy look and feel of a true shower door.
Installed by the professionals at customcutglass, you can have the new look you want in your bathroom faster and more affordable than you might believe.

There are more elements to getting that perfect custom glass shower door than you might think.
Here are just some of the factors that need to be identified in order to choose a glass shower door for installation:

Obscurity – This refers to the transparency of the shower door. The more obscure the door, the less that can be seen through the glass. There are a range of methods for creating different levels of obscurity in shower doors.
Color – An obvious factor, and one which you will be keen to get perfect to ensure a match with the rest of the room.
Thickness – The thickness of the glass affects how sturdy your door will feel, and also impact the weight of the door. A heavier glass door will need to be properly supported

Budget – A glass door to match your price range is the highest priority, and customcutglass will strive to find the perfect shower door within your budgetary constraints

Framed or frameless – Another decision that has to be made, with frameless shower doors being an increasingly popular choice due to their sleek aesthetics. Framed or frameless shower doors come in various types.

Type – There are several different types of shower door, ranging from sliding doors to hinged doors.

There is also one more factor involved in getting that perfect shower door installation. It doesn’t really matter which shower door you choose, if it is not properly installed it won’t look right and you’ll have problems with it from the first day. Improperly installed shower doors often leak, fail to shut securely and don’t last nearly as long as they should.

Fortunately, customcutglass is here not only to help you pick out the perfect shower door for your bathroom, but also to install it for you. We have a team of highly trained and experienced installers who are able to install any type of shower door you choose. They will make sure that the door fits properly and has all the necessary structural support to last for years. When they are finished with the job you’ll undoubtedly be thrilled with both the looks and the functionality of your new shower door.

If you’d like to get a free estimate or if you have any questions about buying or installing a glass shower door, please just give us a call.:+1 (347) 537-3557

 We’d be more than happy to discuss all your options and work with you to find the perfect price for your new shower door and installation in New York City.


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