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Mankind has discovered window glass at least twice. There is evidence that this material, although of much lower quality, was used by the ancient Romans, but after the fall of Rome, the technology was lost. Therefore, for a long time, people did with alternative solutions, including closing windows with wooden shutters, and also inserted oiled paper, pieces of fabric and even bull bubbles into the windows.

 Window Glass
Window Glass
At first the window panes were small. Small squares were inserted into the binding, and so glazed windows were obtained. Only in the 18th century did people learn how to make large-sized flat glass. Over the following centuries, technology was seriously improved. And scientific and technological progress finally resolved the issue of glazing. As a result, window glass retained only one property from its former elitism - fragility. However, this drawback is completely eliminated in modern multilayer products that do not break and do not shatter into fragments. At the same time, the cost of such window panes is relatively high, which is quite justified.

Modern window panes are affordable, although they have decent consumer properties.

Triplex Window Glass
Triplex Window Glass
The main characteristics of window glass:

1) a density of the order of 2.5 kg/m²; strength - 1000 N/mm² (high resistance to pressure);

2) a relatively small break-up strength (40 MPa, or up to 200 MPa for tempered glass);

3) elasticity, not susceptibility to deformation up to failure; low thermal conductivity, the ability to withstand thermal shock.

There are also special energy-saving products with a low emission surface. Among other options are hardened, armored, reflex, film (decorative) modifications.

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