About the Benefits of Glass Blocks

Glass block is a glass brick, empty inside, a unique building material that has the properties of both glass and a structural element. Glass block compositions are more than windows and more than just walls.

 Glass Blocks
Glass Blocks

This is an incredible combination of functionality and the possibility of embodying the imagination of architects, designers in interiors and exteriors. Glass block is a material that is created to embody the architecture of light. Glass blocks wonderfully fill with light, transform dark and inexpressive rooms, visually increasing their space due to the depth of light penetration.

Here are the main types of glass blocks: colorless, smooth and with patterns; colored glass blocks from colored glass melt (body tinted); bright colored glass blocks (inside injected, painted inside).

The main characteristics of glass blocks are their main advantages. First of all, it is light transmission close to a light transmission of window glass. It is about 80% for colorless and from 50 to 70% for color and matte glass blocks.

Glass Blocks in the Interior
Glass Blocks in the Interior
Thermal insulation. Glass blocks are wonderful heat insulators, with indicators close to standard double-glazed windows.

Soundproofing. Glass blocks are good soundproofing material. The walls of glass blocks soundproofed superior to a brick wall of the same thickness.

In addition, useful properties of glass blocks are fire resistance, resistance to temperature extremes, moisture resistance.

Also, the glass block is an absolutely environmentally friendly material, which, moreover, is unpretentious in maintenance.

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