Technology for the Production of Stained-glass Windows

Both in the Middle Ages and at the present time, several sketches are first drawn, from which the customer selects the most appropriate to his plan and wishes. The client can select a picture from the catalog, it can be used in full or taken as a basis for further changes. Or the customer can offer his drawing or photograph.

 Stained-glass Window
Stained-glass Window

After coordination, a color option is developed, which is proposed for consideration by the client. The customer amends the color scheme and finally approves the drawing. Then the figure is digitized on a computer, taking into account the technological features of production.

Then, a volumetric ultrastrong polymer contour is applied to the glass using a machine, repeating the approved pattern. After that, the gaps are filled with colored polymer varnishes, which, after solidification, form an unremovable layer on the glass.

Given that since the invention of stained glass, many centuries have passed, it is surprising that the technology for creating stained-glass windows from the color glass has not changed much. First, the artist makes a sketch, after which the glass is cut and inserted into the lead profile. Glasses, which are inserted into a metal frame, are pushed together and are soldered on both sides. The lead profile is patinated, after which the stained-glass window begins to shimmer with saturated color and creates a magnificent flicker. This technology is considered classic, but there are several no less interesting and modern options.

Stained-glass Window
Stained-glass Window

The price of a stained-glass window consists of the following components and will depend on the following factors: the departure of employees to measure the future composition, creating a sketch in one or more copies, the size of the stained-glass window, the basis for a stained-glass window (glass, mirror, etc.), the presence or absence of backlight, the cost of consumables, the complexity of installing a stained-glass window.

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